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HR Links Time & Leave Upgrade FAQs

Select the category below to view frequently asked questions and answers. Please note that we will continually be adding to this list.

Yes, all base schedules will be migrated during the upgrade.

We have a job aid to guide you.

You can get help from your supervisor with HR links. But there are several other options described on the HR Links support page, including your Time Administrator and creating a service desk (Phire) ticket. You can also refer to the extensive library of job aids and videos.

Yes, you must clear the cache even when using Citrix VDI.

You can’t change your approver as an employee. Your supervisor can set up a delegation or matrix team to handle approval when they are out.

Leave balances are from the Payroll System and include only processed Leave transactions. They are not real time.

You can see all of your balances on the Absence Requests screen.

From the Employee Self Service home screen, select the Absence Request area of the Employee Time Requests tile. You will see Annual Leave, Sick Leave and other balances you have that are not zero. You can also see additional balances when you select the Absence Request button.

No, HR Links will keep the requests that were submitted before the upgrade.

No, all absence requests submitted before the upgrade will be available after the upgrade.

HR Links only records the number of hours on requests, not the time of day. You could enter comments to indicate the time of day or use a method outside of HR Links.


Yes, you must edit an existing leave request for a day rather than submit a new one, even if it was cancelled. Yes, you must edit an existing leave request for a day rather than submit a new one, even if it was cancelled.

You can submit one leave request that includes leave before and after the holiday. HR Links will account for the holiday in the middle of the date range properly.

Only if the absence days are separated by nonworkdays (like weekends and holidays).

Yes, select the Absence Requests portion of the Employee Time Requests tile. The use or lose balance will appear beneath your annual leave balance in parentheses.

Your AWS day off is considered a nonworkday. On your HR Links timesheet for nonworkdays, you will not have a regular time block. According to OPM Guidance on Holidays and Work Schedules, you are entitled to an “in lieu of” holiday. In most cases this would be the day before the holiday (your nonworkday).

To record an “in lieu of” holiday in HR Links, click the “Regular Time” block for your “in lieu of” holiday. In the “Time Entry” dialog, select “002-Holiday Observed” from the drop-down menu instead of “001-Regular Time”.

Labor Codes are available to all organizations but only required by PBS and PBS Property Disposal. Only organizations required to use Labor Codes need to use both a Labor Code and a Task Code for regular time and additional time hours. Other organizations can use just the Labor Code if that meets their organization’s needs.

For those who use labor codes, please refer to the Edit the Labor Codes on a Timesheet (PBS Employees) job aid. Step 11 begins the process of adding multiple labor codes to the same day.

Yes, base schedules have not changed with the upgrade. If the base schedule had labor codes before the upgrade, they will after the upgrade. For more information on editing Labor Codes on the timesheet, please see the Edit the Labor Codes on a Timesheet (PBS Employees) job aid.

If you submitted your own timesheets in the past, you’ll continue to submit them. If you had a timekeeper or time administrator complete your timesheet before the upgrade, then that process will continue.

Additional Time Reporting Codes can be changed using two methods: bulk edit and individual regular time blocks. Step-by-step instructions for both methods can be found on the Create a Timesheet job aid.

If an absence request is submitted (not necessarily approved) before the base schedule is applied to their timesheet, then the regular time for that day is reduced by the number of hours of leave requested. Absence requests submitted from the timesheet or submitted from the tile after the pay period’s schedule is applied, will result in duplicate regular time and leave. If the regular time blocks are not reduced (for partial day absence requests) or eliminated (for full day absence requests), an exception will occur when you submit the timesheet.

The labor codes that appeared on the timesheet (before the upgrade to Time & Leave) came from the employee’s base schedule. Base schedules have not changed as part of the upgrade. Employees, timekeepers and supervisors can search for other labor codes and add them to regular time and additional time blocks on the timesheet.

The “Time Entry” dialog that appears when you click on a regular or additional time block has a Save option. Other changes to the timesheet are saved automatically as you make them.

Additional Time Requests should be completed first. Then the timesheet should reflect when it is earned by selecting the “+” button either below a day with Regular Time or on a nonworkday. Then, the Time Entry dialog will be displayed. Select an Overtime or Comp Time code from the Time Reporting Code drop-down list and then select the Save button in the dialog. Your timesheet “Total/Scheduled” hours will display any additional time with a “+” after your regular hours. For example, “80.0/80.0 + 8.0” for 8 hours of additional time.

It means that your timesheet has not been approved by your supervisor. Your timesheet status will be “Needs Approval” as well.

Emails are automatically sent to people who have not submitted timesheets or not had them approved.

We have step-by-step instructions in our Amend a Timesheet job aid.

Only if the absence days are separated by nonworkdays (like weekends and holidays).