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Financial Apps

pegasys icon
GSA’s core financial system. Pegasys allows you to record financial planning and purchasing events, as well as accounts payable, accounts receivable, disbursements and budgeting activities.
Business Intelligence
A reporting tool that allows you to use simple drag-and-drop features, and familiar menu driven tools to develop and modify queries and reports to user specific requirements.
Financial Reports
Provides users with a variety of financial reports produced by Pegasys and other systems.
GSA customers use the Vendor Customer Self Service (VCSS) system to view billing statements and payment information. GSA vendors use VCSS to create and process invoices electronically and track the status of payments made by GSA.
ICS Financial Applications
This portal provides links to various systems supported by the Financial Management Systems Division.
FMIS icon
The FMIS Query Tool (front-end PowerBuilder application) is no longer available.  It was decommissioned as of December 31, 2019.  You can learn more about this change through the FMIS Query Tool Migration page on Insite.  It will provide you with a background on the change, training materials/recordings from recently held Business Objects training sessions, FAQs, and more.

Please be aware that this will have NO impact on any of the underlying FMIS tables or direct connections that users or systems have to those tables.  The only change in these situations will be in how users update their FMIS password.  There are two ways you can do this. First, if you have access to a SQL editor, you can change the password yourself. Here are instructions using two editors (SQL*Plus and SQLDeveloper). Second, you can reach out to the BusinessApplication Service Desk with a request to change your password. You will need to provide them with your username.
other financial apps
Other Financial Apps
On this page you will find other financial apps to help you complete your job.
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Pegasys Budget & Planning Job Aids

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