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ConcurGov Info

Information on ConcurGov Year-End Preparation
Prepare for fiscal year-end activities in the ConcurGov travel system by reading the following information from GSA’s Office of Administrative Services (OAS).

Effective Monday, September 14, you will be able to:

  • Select fiscal year (FY) 2021 as the Beginning Budget Fiscal Year (BBFY) when building a line of accounting (LOA) on a travel authorization.
  • Access your favorite accounting string(s) for BBFY 2021.

Creating an authorization for FY 21 travel before the FY 21 LOAs are available (on September 14), will require an update to the authorization or voucher to ensure the appropriate FY 21 LOA is applied. Note: Current COVID-19 related TDY travel restrictions are still in place.

Questions on ConcurGov? Contact the Business Applications Service Desk at 866-450-6588 or